Math 140 Supplemental Instruction


Supplemental Instruction sessions are an opportunity for you to get some free help outside of class. Each session has a topic, and your SI Leader (Martin) will be able to answer your questions on that topic and will have practice problems and activities related to that topic. You can also expect helpful tips for studying and being successful in Calculus.

Time and place

  • Mondays 2-2:50 in M01-0208
  • Tuesdays 11-11:50 in M01-0212
  • Wednesdays 3-3:50 in M01-0206
  • Thursdays 1-1:45 in W02-0127

Schedule of topics

  • M-T, 3/2-3/3: Limit definition of a derivative
  • W-Th, 3/4-3/5: Derivatives of polynomials and exponentials
  • M-T, 3/9-3/10: Derivatives, including product and quotient rules
  • W-Th, 3/11-3/12: Derivatives, including trig functions

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